Zynga poker game

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Zynga Poker Game

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Sensational FINAL TABLE World Poker Tour 5 wildhares.tk class Poker.


NOW get a move on!

I am very sad because zynga poker chips often lose huge amounts. What do people do when they loose real money playing these games?

How It Works

Now for some reason I can not update it, why???? I have written to them on their site about the same issues over times, and I have been intentionally ignored every single time. There are friends from Germany who can not link or play Farmville2 — Its going for the second day. Wizard Of Oz spins about 5 times then it stops.

Your promising people a great game, when all your doing is stealing their money. Please help unable to log into Zynga poker through Facebook keep getting error code 2 please help.

Из чего сделано?

Zynga you need to realize when you take money from people for service, then provide NO service, that is theft. I lost 40 million chips on hands I won and it still gives chips to lower hand people. I might get it days later.

My account is my email sign in, and you have all my information. Everytime I tey to send a request from the other site, it runs out of time and ends my session. I cannot expand 3 times to the tower. All I did was told the simple truth Zynga and Facebook support suck!

About to give up. I have a issue with farm bucks, I added farmville countryescapes to my phone and when I went back on my farm it said i was recieving the 29 farm bucks and I clicked on ok ad share. I did what they told me to do.

Правда или развод?

I have spent money also. I have been trying for days to get help.

I am absolutely disgusted with Zynga and non existent customer service. Having trouble with words with friends but can get no help from Zynga. When I try to close the screen it will not close.

And only want to give me 1M max???? Please help I was on level 36 of farmville 2 country escapes and now it wont let me get back on what level I was on.

There is absolutely no place to turn to help for. Can someone please help. My bank shows the purchase.

The game I am playing is Coasterville, thank you. Please be aware I went into the site 12 minutes after it was posted.

You end up spending DAYS emailing back and forth to all these different people … with no compensation and no satisfaction! Has this video game set up just to take money, without feeling any satisfaction?

Zynga’s mission is to connect the world through games

Why everytime i play zynga poker chips by winning a lot of other people are always stolen? It was released on. Who the hell do you talk to or get a hold of to help?

Also you support sucks…there is none. Since I am not on Facebook please do not refer me there.

And they still will not resolve or help. I know very well that the people I select would send me parts. The most of them are not soveld.

Zynga support is a joke, and NOT a funny one.

Do not want to join Facebook at this point… Please help. Your customer support is terrible. All I want is to be able to play the country escapes holiday missions along with all other missions without problems!

I purchased the land behind the house with the cute cotton tail rabbit included. They want a government issued Id ect. I lose coins,xps, get knocked out of the game and its just not worth my time and energy.

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Now it is great. There is malware on all devices but only on the WWF games.

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