My boys poker

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My Boys Poker

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Poker Night // My Boys


The next hand would decide who got naked first me or them. Their eyes followed my cleavage as they tried to order a beer and I could feel the guy behind me staring at my barely covered ass.

He was trying to figure out why everyone was folding their hands. Here a great short strip poker story, I hope you like it Lady Luck is definitely on my side as I won with a royal flush.


I slid it in and out of my mouth a few times then announced it was time to play cards. Well I loved playing poker with them. I was dumbfounded staring a the set of tits in front of me I wanted to reach for them, squeeze them, and suck them as I did in my younger years. The busy one, Straddle, in Midtown East, which had inexplicably never been raided so everyone whispered they had someone big on the take they would eventually, like all the clubs, be raided and shut down.

It was decided that we would mark the face cards in the deck with a little red dot on the back. Inafter years of debate, New York City finally got a casino.

Ted was lasting longer than I wished. When Genoa closed, it really felt over. I unclasped by bra and slowly removed it letting my tits fall out. While in the bathroom, she told her friends about our deception and explained how they could get us back. With limited options for live play, I started playing online more often. They were so tasty from his natural sweat. Dave and Brandon were jacking off as they saw the sexual act take place.

My nipples were like diamonds and he reached up to cup my bouncing tits.

A deal is a deal and Rick new he was out of the game. So to cheer me up she asked me if I would like to play cards with her. They continue to play the game but it was getting hard for Ryvon play because what I was doing to his dick under the table.

The only thing is this time I would not be able to play because of an emergency that came up with my car and the refreshments that I had to buy cost me all of my money. I never expect her to agree to play strip poker. One pair of eyes looked up and then another. Then suddenly, that was over too. I never expect her to say such a thing. They took off their remaining clothes and, well, you can guess what happened… This Form cannot be submitted until the missing fields labelled below in red have been filled in Want More Hot Strip Poker Stories?

I then let my hands explore, one reach her tits and the other her clit. I grabbed her head and announced that I was about to cum. In other words, the people who deem poker to not be enough of a game of skill to legalize it have decided that a room full of machines, where people lose their money by pressing a button or pulling a lever in a monkey-like manner, is worth legalizing.

It was great to hear her moan letting me know that she was about to explode, so I quicken my thrust. As motivation dwindled to leave the house, online play became a regular part of our evenings.

There were dozens of others. I dropped one of the money chips under the table.

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We see poker skills as strengths in presidents; in theory it means they will be better at money management, have negotiating and bluffing skills, and ability to see the angles that a non-poker player may not.

So slowly I reached down to remove my shorts and revealing my huge cock. The only rule was if he shot is load in under 1 minute then he was out of the game and had to watch.

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I knew he would cum before the minute was up. My roommate was a little toasted and tried to help the girl next to him.

Brandon was bang my shit like no other. I never expected that it would come to this and it just got better as Mom lost once more.

Young dude tries to resist hot mommy but hopefully fails.

At least poker home games are allowed under Massachusetts state law. Besides he would be the one fucking my pussy a little later anyway.

I was having too much fun. The second hand was better as I had a bit of beginners luck and won.

Hot Strip Poker Stories

With one last adjustment in the mirror I was pretty confident that this outfit would cause them to quickly forget the strippers. An hour had passed and my drink runs were becoming less frequent but when I brought a beer to my hubby he asked if I would like to join them for a few hands.

He was looking at my ass. I played with a lot of people who considered themselves great players but went home losers much more often than winners. First round was over quickly and 6 shoes and my high heel were discarded.

It was quite an experience, here I am playing poker with my Mom and we were both naked. She was moaning now with one hand playing with her breast while the other down her clit. Fairly suddenly, sites like DraftKings and FanDuel have sprouted to let people pick a fantasy sports team and gamble real money against their opponents.

Mom just nod in agreement so I began stroking my cock while Mom cheered me up as I stroke my rigid cock "Go boy go. She suddenly stopped, stood up and looks at me straight in the eyes. I grabbed her ass and ram my cock into her pussy like mad and she enjoyed every fucking second of it. A deal is a deal and he practically ran over to me. His tongue reached my pussy before I could even say start the clock.

I told her everything about how my girl dumps me for another guy and how I cursed this day for the things that have happen. She began sucking my cock.

Tell us your story from when you played Strip Poker!

A couple of the guys had lost their shirt by now and a new hand was dealt. My day job in my new career was entry-level, so my after-hours poker-playing paid my bills.


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